Enviro Mushrooms are locally grown certified Organic

The fresh certified organic specialty mushrooms grown at the Enviro’s hygienic computer-controlled growing and packing facilities are maintained by SQF Edition 7.2 with accredited HACCP based Food Safety Plans.

The air, water and temperature of Enviro Mushroom Farm are strictly controlled so that the mushrooms can grow in an ideal condition and they can stay fresh and clean always.

To ensure consistent product quality

Apply strict quality assurance program for growing and packing house
Maintain the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities
Trained lab technicians work to bring new and updated technology
Implement a sanitation and HACCP program in place
Manage food safety and quality risks from production to distribution
Adopt Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to prevent the risk of direct and cross-contamination of mushrooms during harvesting, trimming, sorting, packing and other post-harvest activities
Perform post-harvest Vacuum Cooling to keep Enviro mushrooms fresher longer

Our Certificates

All Enviro mushrooms are delivered to retailers within 24 hours of harvest.