Our Story

Enviro Mushroom Farm was originally founded on February 22nd , 2000 in Dundas Ontario. New Koreans in their mid 40’s led by Yun Joon (Ben) Park who immigrated to Canada in that same year, had started the operation from the ground. In 2004, Enviro Mushroom Farm is relocated in Burlington, Ontario by having its own State-of-the-art growing and processing facilities.

Winner of several awards including the Premier’s Award, Enviro has taken the leap to organic certification and is focusing on quality for the fresh specialty mushrooms market, shipping products to the most of East Coast of North America.

Today, the 150,000 square feet facility is able to produce 3 million pounds of certified organic specialty mushrooms every year. Unlike most conventional mushroom growing methods, which involve manure and compost, the certified-organic specialty mushrooms grown at the Enviro are grown using a sterilized organic culture media such as sawdust, varieties of agricultural brans, and natural minerals with hepa-filtered air and purified water only.

This new advanced mushroom growing technology is much more sanitary and efficient than conventional typical growing methods. Enviro Mushroom Farm looks like a blend of a scientific laboratory and a high-tech manufacturer.

Employees walk about the Incubating building in white lab coats, take an air shower before entering the production facilities and spray their feet and hands with sanitizing alcohol. The hygienic “computer controlled bottle growing system” processes various growing stage of mushroom maturity. This is a state-of-the-art mushroom farm which is not like any other in Canada.

Coupled with Enviro’s high-tech production technology and advanced facilities, Enviro continue to develop new products of organic specialty mushrooms. Enviro will be pursuing to lead the fresh organic specialty mushrooms with continuous research and innovation.

Ben Park


Our Commitment

We, Enviro Farm Staff, Shall not Forget that...

Our customers are our most valuable assets, and the most important people in our business.


The purpose of our work is to satisfy our customers with the best quality mushrooms and services.


Our customers do us a favour when they buy our mushrooms. We owe it to them to see that they are completely satisfied.



Our customers are free to take their business wherever they wish, if we fail to satisfy them.


Our profits and our jobs depend not only on getting customers, but also on keeping them satisfied with everything we do on their behalf.


Earning our customer’s trust will be possible, only when we consistently satisfy them.

Trade Market

We sell our mushrooms domestically to Ontario and Montreal.
Also, we export our mushrooms to U.S. (Boston, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Maryland, and Georgia).

We make sure that the process of harvesting is delievered in two days, to provide fresh mushrooms to our customers.